A Sassenach Soliloquy

Sunday, September 19

I love life

My course will be fascinating. This semester I will spend time with faculty in archeology, economics, biology, linguistics and philosophy, all in relation to the evolution of language. Next semester will see computational modelling, computer science and more linguistics, amongst others. I cannot wait to start, and I feel ready and able. My course mates - there are 12 of us - seem nice, and I've made other friends; some from elsewhere in the department and others from frisbee and canoeing, both of which I've already done.

In fact, I haven't felt this alive since my time in Barcelona 18 months ago. However that was the negative energy of escape being channelled in a constructive way; a good thing, but different from the positive, forward-looking and future-focused energy I have now: for the first time in my life I have proper direction and I understand why I'm doing what I am. I expect, imminently, to be fulfilled in what I'm doing, and with a healthy array of friends and hobbies around me. Edinburgh is treating me well, and I am a happy man.


  • Very glad to hear you're feeling so chipper old bean!

    (I give this attitude a month at the outside).



    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 20 September 2004 at 14:29  

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