A Sassenach Soliloquy

Thursday, September 23

Random thoughts about life in Edinburgh so far

1) Academia and academics are, generally, hopelessly unprofessional.
2) Edinburgh is beautiful, and the architecture interesting (photos to follow soon).
3) Normally ethical and friendly people become bastards when flats are up for rent.
4) There are lots and lots of foreign students in the department (perhaps 80%); this is a good thing...
5) ..but how those of them who don't have excellent English skills expect to survive is beyond me: advanced has two syllables, not three, and nobody at that level of English should be making such a mistake.
6) Most people think evolution is a synonym for change. It isn't.
7) The weather here may, on the whole, be terrible, but it is at least interesting and this is, I venture, better than weeks of anonomous grey.
8) All female 20-year-olds look fantastic. It is effortless. Equally it is tragic that such beauty evaporates. Even worse is when they encourage that deteriation by drinking and/or eating too much.


  • Oh come on - a certain eccentric unprofessionalism and free-wheeling disregard for things like deadlines is all part of the charm of academia!

    We all looked great when we were 20 didn't we? Sigh... And I don't remember you being so concerned about what you drank and ate when you were that age.. ;o)

    We started university ten years ago this week. Meep.


    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 27 September 2004 at 11:13  

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