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Sunday, October 10

The trials of flathunting: #6 in a series of six

Yep, that's right; I've moved into my new flat.

Four weeks ago I described my criteria. This is what I wrote:

Perfect: Large double-room, kitchen not seperate from living area, wooden floors, bike storage, broadband; one or two non-smoking flatmates, non-British flatmates, female flatmates, late-20s or early-30s flatmates; close to Uni, good greengrocers down the road, good fishmongers down the road, good off-license (Oddbins) down the road, good pub around the corner.

Acceptable: Medium-sized room with one-and-a-half-person-bed, kitchen not a box, carpets, bike allowed in room or in hall, good internet connection at Uni; one or two considerate smokers as flatmates, British flatmates, male flatmates, early-20s flatmates; a 15-minute cycle from Uni, good greengrocers on the cycle to Uni, a fishmonger somewhere nearby, respectable off-license down the road, good pub ten minutes away.

So, how does the place shape up?

Large double-room? Medium-sized double. Kitchen and living area the same? Yes. Wooden floors? Some laminated, some carpet. Bike storage? Yes. Broadband? Yes. One or two flatmates? Yes, one. Non-smoking? Yes. Non-British? No. Female? No. Late-200s or early 30s? No, but he seems mature for his 23 years. Close to Uni? Oh yes: six minutes door-to-door, a short walk across the park where we play Ultimate. Good greengrocers? Yes, three (!). Good fishmongers? Yes, two. Good off-license? Yes. Good pub? Of course: this is Edinburgh. In fact, the row of shops just down the road is the best local row of shops I think I've ever seen, and just another reason I'm really happy with the place.

Life continues to be good.


  • Am I the only one who ever reads this thing? I seem to be the only one who ever comments... I think you need a bit more of an aggressive marketing strategy for this site. A few high-profile TV campaigns, some supermarket special-offer tie-ins, that kind of thing. Either that, or just a few more pictures for webmongs to go "Ooh, pretty" at.


    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 12 October 2004 at 10:38  

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