A Sassenach Soliloquy

Tuesday, January 4

"..your application... has been successful..."

Back in November we received an email:

"The League of European Research Universities is holding a conference on 'The Credibility of the European Project' for students from the League’s members... During a 4-day forum, selected students from the above universities will discuss some of Europe’s current challenges. Together with leaders in the fields of politics, academia and business they will share their vision on the future of Europe. Discussions will be organised around the following subthemes:

1. The European project is not restricted by geographical boundaries.
2. The European Union faces a change in comparative advantages.
3. Thanks to its Constitution, Europe is finally a true state.

Funding towards the costs of travel will be provided by The University of Edinburgh: accommodation and meals will be provided by Bright... This is a highly prestigious conference. The resulting conclusions will be published and will be presented to the European Commission..."

I applied - for which I had to write a 500ish word essay - and then, recently, I received this:

"Congratulations! I am writing to inform you that your application to participate in next year's Bright Conference in Leuven, Belgium has been successful. You will be one of twenty postgraduate students attending this conference..."

Can't wait.


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