A Sassenach Soliloquy

Tuesday, March 22

Life eh? I love it.

I'm just back from a couple of hours with new hobby: swing dancing. After a few beginners lessons, today I moved up to the improvers class, and discovered that I can do this.

I used to do salsa, but haven't had a lesson for years. I always found it tough though; the rewards were excellent, but I always found the lessons taxing. This evening was different; fun and relaxing, and both those things because it was - can I say this? - easy. Not easy, you understand, but no so challenging that the fun was removed until it was mastered, as was the way with salsa.

And it all just fits in with how life is going at the moment. On several occasions recently I've gone to bed sad that the day is over: sleeping might be nice, but it's dull compared to life. The essays I'm building are fascinating, and I feel good about what I'm writing. Frisbee remains fun, and my diet and lifestyle and healthy and feelgood. I'm in love. Unknown and exciting adventures await me at the end of this degree, and next week, on the date of my eponymous birthday, I'm feeding my travel bug, and heading to Spain for a few days.

When life is not so good, I want to be reminded that life can feel this way.

Thursday, March 17

Lifting my head from the page

Wow, where did that go? Semester is almost at an end. Those miserable months of January and February have never gone so fast.

That'll be love, of course. Spending time with T. is great, but I fear we're turning into exactly the sort of couple I always despised - people who rarely go out and spend time with their friends. I must make more effort.

Otherwise, little to report at present, except that the PhD application is in, my first semester marks were excellent and my head is currently buried in books about historical linguistics, memes, theories of language evolution, evolutionary psychology and beauty. Therefore I fear that a return to regular blogging is some way away yet, though I'll give it a try. Watch this space.