A Sassenach Soliloquy

Wednesday, January 5

"How will I blog this?"

It's still the Christmas break - the new semester starts on Monday - and so I'm still blogging until then. But I have to remind myself to do it; I have to remind myself that I have a blog and that I want to keep it updated. I've enjoyed rereading stuff from Verona and no doubt the same will apply to now, particularly so the more time ticks by. Yet it wasn't always thus. In fact, the reason I mention reminding myself is because it never has been an issue before; previously The Blog has always been in mind and, once I'd started it, day-to-day occurances quickly became thought triggers for blog updates.

The break I took during last semester - and that I will take again this semester - has removed that sense of "How might I blog about this?" from my day-to-day life. I'm not sure how I feel about this; on the one hand that half a mind on how you could describe an event often makes the event itself more, say, humourous, but equally it perhaps helps to remove oneself from the immediate reality of the event, which is something best avoided.

I'll miss having the blog while I'm studying, but it's certainly for the best; the fewer distractions the better. But otherwise I'm very much looking forward to getting back into it. I'm rested and remotivated, and the coming months have a lot for me to be excited about.


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